Monthly Archives: August 2004

“I want to remix some old jazz”

I regularly get mail like this one:

Hi Victor

I want to start creating more enthusiasm in Jazz! What I’d like to know is……. when old tracks, LPs, artists etc are extinct – what’s the situation re copyright etc?

For instance – if I want to remix and modernise some old jazz LP tracks onto CD from mono to stereo – can I do it without worrying about being sued by some modern global organisation who secretly might have the rights etc to royalties from an old label but who don’t make it publicly known! In other words – sitting on their arse with some brilliant vintage tracks but don’t do anything with them……..but we want to!!

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New Game In Town

I’m starting to get completely blown away by all the music sites and forums, especially ones devoted to mixing and dj’ing. In case you blinked there are also tons of remix contests online running at any given time.

Well, what else is there to do but combine to the two phenoms: DJ Mix Contest (.com). The site is basically a blog and a forum 100% devoted to remix/dj contests. They also offer goodies like free ftp server space and other digital swag. Check ’em out.

Creative Commons Tools

Legal remixing just got a whole lot easier with a new set of Creative Commons tools coming online. Make sure to check out the browser tools including the great Mozilla add-in MozCC by Nathan Yergler.

On the content creation side, Nathan also has a cool GUI MP3 CC tagger called ccTag.

I’ve thrown my hat in the ring with a PHP library for tagging MP3’s with CC meta-data. You can use the library on any command line with PHP installed or on a server with a browser front end (example here). Freeback welcome.