Monthly Archives: December 2004

How to Score A (Bunny) Film

My wife (the artist“) recently Netflixed “How To Draw A Bunny” and I highly recommend this film for two reasons:

1) Ray Johnson (the film’s subject) was a shining example of brilliant ‘remix’ art. Every scrap in this man’s life was fodder for art.

2) The “score” is by the phenomenal drummer, composer, activist Max Roach but hardly in the conventional sense: the film is interspersed with clips of close-ups of Max playing a snare with brushes.

Brilliant artist, great music, remix culture. Good stuff.

Two Free Upgrades

FL Studio v5.01 bug fix release. This includes an important MIDI/VSTi bug fix.

VSampler 3.5 sounds like a major upgrade. Important here is that they now read ACIDized files as well as everything under the sun. This used to be my soundfont editor of choice (back in the day when I actually thought it was worth my time to edit soundfonts) so I may just give this one a whirl.

Both of these via the invaluable KVR-VST feed.

You’re Not Rowing Fast Enough!

Is there a lesson for the music community to be learned from the release of the official One-Point-Oh of Firefox and Thunderbird and its stunning success story — nearly 10% browser market share overnight.

Sure. The first of which was that it wasn’t overnight. The Mozilla guys have been at it since debris from a series of explosions at the top of Highway 17 landed at Netscape in 1994. Look it up, that was 10 years ago. For 10 years a community of developers believed that people would prefer a software product that was stable and focused primarily on people that use it, treating them like humans and not consumers, customers, marketing data, etc.
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