Monthly Archives: March 2005

Revolving Again

I’m sitting here listening to Revolution #17 amazed at how good the music is — and I haven’t even gotten to the Lisa DeBenedictis interview. Grant is really hitting them out of the park lately.

John at Magnatune says he signs about two out of every 1,000 artists that sends him material. Mixter seems to be picking up the other 998 lately (lot’s of bullshit “experimental” crap that lines the walls at all the other free music hosting sites) so it’s been especially heartening to hear fantastic CC/open music on Grant’s show.

And Grant’s been made “Program Director” at Free Matrix Radio which I hear him makes him a big fat bucket of money, so everybody go hit him up green.

A Podcast Named “Tod”

“Guys named Todd. I think that’s a goofy fucking name. All these boy names that have come along—Taylor, Tyler, Tucker, Carlson, Cassidy, Cody, Flynn—they’re not real names. A real name is Jim… Vinnie will kick Todd’s ass every time.”

Or so says George Carlin.

Meanwhile another wonderful open CC/music podcast “Tempo of the Down” is online with it’s second installment and features one of my CC Mixter fourstones remixes as it’s bumbers.

I like this guy’s taste and show #2 is especially beautiful.

Free Soundfont Editor

The craziest, wackiest soundfont editor has got to be Synth Font. (Free for download, donateware, Windows only).

I just poked at the buttons and hammered on sliders for a while and about half the time it would behave like I expected the other half was just wacky (a little too hard to give examples as they just wouldn’t translate to written word).

This application reminds of what it would look like if you threw an AKAI sampler over the swing-set and it turned inside out. It is without a doubt the labor of crazy obsession. No detail is left unresolved — for better or worse.

I will die long before I have time to dive into something like this very deeply for just random use, but there may come a time when I want to construct a complete universe of sounds and I think soundfonts are the most powerful sample- triggering technology. Especially when the software knows what to do with them. For all it’s cartoony and offbeat user interface, SynthFont seems to have a great backend , good sounding, very responsive and healthy on memory.

The editor itself isn’t bad and definitely the most powerful, flexible one for free I’ve ever seen.

fourstones on new Falik Album

Magnatune recoring artist Falik has just released a great new instrumental album “The Ballad of El Efe” which features a track I produced/remixed Birthday Song (stream).

“Birthday Song” was the production that inspired one the post popular posts ever on this site: Funky Breaks in Live

Falik is the perfect example of non-genre music and he’s really honed his sound on this release. Congrats to Falik and go have a listen.

I Started A Mixversation

One of the coolest feelings I’ve had in a long time is being involved with CC Mixter “mixversations” (coinage tip to Lucas Gonze I think) where remixers have a conversation using remixes.

A few weeks ago I uploaded an original little guitar jam ditty called Funky Dunky. Being a good Mixter citizen I also uploaded the stripped guitar tracks .

A few days laters the remixes starting coming in. And the remixes of the remixes. And the remixes… you get the idea. The latest one just showed up called “Fu Du U Think U Are” by Pat Chilla. If you start at that one and work your way back you can follow the lineage of the conversation. Here’s a snapshot from a midway point:

This has happened several times before as members of the community start getting used to this way of interacting.

It’s defintely working for me.