Acid: The Original

Apparently, back before there was software called ACID and a genre of music called acid house there was a little tab of paper some hippie degenerates used to put on their tongues to experience euphoric celestial navel explorations with the occasional fire-breathing dragon, disappearing ceilings, spontaneous Catskills comedy routines and VW bugs doing donuts on freeway exits. In Santa Monica. In the middle of rush hour. Apparently.

I wouldn’t know anything about that, but it seems this type of “acid” was celebrated by a nine hour commercial free radio broadcast on (what else) KPFA some 40 years ago. Don Joyce of Negativeland and The Professor have posted half of that broadcast, called The Trip Receptacles and features many informed luminaries in this field including Albert Hoffman, D. M. Turner, Sasha Shulgin and (who else) Dr. Timothy Leary of Harvard.

Culling samples ahoy.

[via Dave]