CC Host and phpBB2

CC Host integrates with phpBB2 without any modifications to phpBB2.

If you want phpBB2 to pick up the current CC Host skin dynamically then you’ll need this phpBB2 skin (ZIP) to be your default skin. (There is example online of the two working together.).

To install:

  • put that zip into your phpBB2/templates directory
  • unzip (this should create a ‘cchost’ directory under ‘templates’)
  • Go to the phpBB2 Administration panel
  • Under ‘Styles Admin’ select ‘Add’, then click ‘ install’ next to ‘cchost’
  • Under ‘General Admin’ select ‘Configuation’
  • Select ‘cchost’ for the ‘Default Style’ and click ‘Submit’
  • Log out of phpBB2

That should do it.