ccMixter: A Memoir

I wish I was better writer because the story of ccMixter is very cool. If you can overlook the atomic level hair-splitting, churlish, defensive, chatty exaltations then I hope you’ll enjoy a document that tries to capture the history and lessons from the first four years of ccMixter. I’m releasing 33 pages in a PDF document called: “ccMixter: A Memoir OR How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the RIAA and Love the Unexpected Collaborations of Distributed Creativity During the First Four Years of Running ccMixter”

DOWNLOAD PAGE for “ccMixter: A Memoir”

I don’t have a research assistant or literary editor and it shows. Still I had several volunteer reviewers and I can’t thank them enough because this document was a real mess before they helped clean it up.

Leave your comments and typo finds on this thread.

Thanks everyone for a killer four years. What happens next is what happens next….


2 thoughts on “ccMixter: A Memoir

  1. gurdonark

    I liked this. I think it’s good to start the piece, as you did, with a bit of historical context. I like the way you recognize how this particular social networking site works very differently from other social networking sites. The idea of a remix as a different thing/surrogate/better thing than a weblog post occurs to me a lot lately. My own sense of activism focuses less on how mixters could achieve more economic aspirations (though of course that’s aworthy goal) than upon ccmixter’s ongoing role as a basis for sharing across platforms–the move from “look at me on this website on which I post and vote for how good I am” to “take this work, use it on your website, in your classroom or in your film. Remold it if you will. Pay nothing. Give credit”. This form of social media/social currency, a new kind of digital parlor music exchange perhaps, has all sorts of potential beyond the “so you wanna be a rock n roll star” aspect. CCmixter is not the only site which “gets” this, nor the only part of the musical sharing economy movement, but the mixter (through your assistance) understood from the get-go the podcast/video/sample pool/free-fun-music-exchange aspect of all this.

    Four years is such a short time, and yet so much has happened. This piece is a reminder of how it all worked.

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