ccMixter Going Viral

I noticed the other day that Trifonic had gone to using a cool viral embedding from MixMatch for their latest stems.

I thought I could do the low-rent version and 4 hours later I had it checked in to ccMixter. (For people in feed readers you may have to just, you know, come to the site).

Now the MixMatch version has some cool Flash(tm)y features that I didn’t even try to match, but still… there it is. I even documented the whole process of making this feature.

MixMatch, the site, is a fully monetized version of ccMixter. They hope to make money for all their remix artists and stem providers by charging everybody (including remixers) on a per download basis. Now, I’m radically simplifying their revenue model – it’s actually pretty complicated — but the fact is they charge money for sharing — including your own remix. Like I said, it’s really complicated – I just thought the viral “remix me” thingy was kind of cool and wanted to see if I could take our publicize feature and use it for this kind of thing.

One thought on “ccMixter Going Viral

  1. Alan Khalfin

    This is great! I am the co-founder of MixMatchMusic and the more collaboration and remixing there is going on the web, the better! Our service helps musicians collaborate on, engage fans with, and profit from their music online. Our widget is free for artists to use to host remix promotions on their various websites.

    There seems to be some confusion about when we charge people to download music, so let me see if I can’t clarify a bit. Our widget is free for any artist to use, and the artist has the choice of selling stems or offering them for free download; so, we leave it up to the artist to decide how they want to run their remix promotion. Any remixes posted on the widget can be shared for free online, and fans without music software can make remixes in our online music sequencer.

    We also encourage artists to add their stems to our community library; contributing artists can download these stems for free, but non-contributing members have to pay to download audio they’ve made or like (they can make songs and save them to their profile for free). When a song is sold, the artists keep 85%!

    Hope this clarifies!

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