Comments Re-enabled

I’ve re-enabled comments, including anonymous, here on VT using a groovy post validation plugin called Challenge. The default challenge is a math question (e.g. 6 + 2 * 4) but, er, I’m trying encourage comments, not preparing you for a GED. I replaced it with a simple English question and so far I haven’t gotten a single spam post to the whole site. This is somewhat remarkable considering I used to have 100s of spam comments a week and all kinds of crazy plug-in contraptions that only worked some of the time.

We used to have some cool discussions here, I’m hoping this is all it takes to get that going again.

3 thoughts on “Comments Re-enabled

  1. teru


    Just wanted to say it’s great to have VT back again. It’s a great resource for me and I’m sure for others too.

    Long Live Virtual Turntable!

  2. Jim

    I added an even simpler validation scheme on my weblog – it’s static and just asks you to type out the word ‘sandwich’. It’s been 100% successful. It seems that simple natural language processing is beyond the scope of worthwhile spam bot coding.

  3. fourstones Post author

    heh, well I just need the number ‘4’ or ‘four’ and I’m grateful for the plugin’s author for saving me the trouble of learning the WP framework to add a field into the form.

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