Contest Over

The CC/ccMixter/Magnatune/DeBendictis conest stopped taking entries last night and the 210 entries are in the judges hands. I’ve started collecting some of my favorites in this WebJay playlist:

I’m not going to gush (this time) and let the music speak for itself.

2 thoughts on “Contest Over

  1. Jarno Uusi-Maahi

    Hi,i found this page : that has some talk about uc-33/midiox/fl studio,

    The article is signed by “victor”
    I tried to leave a comment there but found it impossible, so i’m gonna comment your latest post, sorry.
    I hope this message at least goes to right person.

    So.. I also bought uc33 and had the same broblem but your article helped me. Thanks for that.. I was just wondering where did you find the commands that fruity listens? would be nice to try some other similar conversions but it’s kind of impossible since i don’t know what fruity listens for. Would you happen to have a help-file or something that would sort things out for me? If you do, it would be great if you could send it to me eg.via e-mail? thanks once again for that web page that helped a lot at the first place!


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