Corporate Runs

Between the time Microsoft published 500,000 pages of developer documentation on CD but before there were 30 posts an hour over at blogs.msdn there was a moment in time when the documentation was online but articles were all vetted through editors and posted once or twice a month. In those days editors were constantly looking for top-level Microsoft developers to help them write articles and columns. When they couldn’t get top-level guys they came to me since my name was already on a few magazine articles. The problem was I hated those articles. They were terrible reads filled with useless information about technology no sane person would (or has) used to build software. I told them I would write a column but only if was about the culture of software development.

Half of the columns I submitted used recurring characters and I strung them together to form the series “The Corporate Runs” after I left the company and took the column with me to start this site over 7 years ago. Mine was the only non-technical content on the entire site for many years but I guess now with the advent of the programming staff blogging their brains out and as a result of one reorg-the-site-meeting too many my columns have finally been removed from the MSDN.

All this to say that I am republishing the series part of the columns here at fs, so enjoy “The Corporate Runs.”

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  1. Raj Chaudhuri

    Thank you for republishing these.

    Also, thank you for the phrease “blogging their brains out”. That explains a few things.

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