Cut-ups with SupaTrigga

Scott Andrew and Brad Sucks have been having a conversation about text cut-ups ala William Burroughs.

Trigga Sample

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Coincidentally I’ve been playing with the free VST plugin SupaTrigga which constantly comes up as a favorite cut-up/repeater in forums ranging from Traktion to FL Studio to Live. I’m not sure I know how to use it exactly but it’s pretty wild in that it works by setting several values to a degree of randomness such as repeat, slow down and reverse. It follows the tempo of your project and then, depending on the degree (0-100%) of randomness you select it will apply each of those effects.

Again, I’m not sure how to use it but “out of the box” it does great effects. It seems like a wonder for automating drums fills — a process which always drives me bonkers with dread since I’m not a drummer. The weirdest part is is that you never know what it’s going to do, so when you render your project it’s anyone’s guess what it did to the track you applied it to. I found myself re-rendering a lot until I finally figured I need to render just that track and do a proper mixdown. Click on Vincent to hear a quick example of using supatrigger in combination with Fruity’s ZeroX beatslicer. For a full blown cut download “Decent Poetry” which I threw together tonight applying SupaTrigga to the electric piano and drums.

[UPDATE] Here’s a link to the “dry” piano and drums used for “Decent Poetry” featuring my very own now legendary ‘two-fingered’ piano style.

4 thoughts on “Cut-ups with SupaTrigga

  1. Matt Hite

    So many plugins, so little time! Actually, someone was recommending this to me the other day, so I guess I better make the time now that I’ve actually heard a sample of what it does. (That track sounded awesome.) Would be interesting to hear the ‘dry’ piano and drums you fed into it …


  2. HeuristicsInc

    I have been using SupaTrigga for a while myself. I also like to use it to generate alternate/fill drum loops from normal loops (in Audiomulch). I can point you at a couple of examples in my songs if you want to hear more. It does have its own sound!
    Nice track, Victor, enjoyable!

  3. craig

    yes, supatrigga is awesome.
    the best way to use it in Live [4] is to just let it run, resampling onto another track.

    i like it on vocals, but that’s not exactly a generally useful technique.

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