Dam Computers!!

Damn those computers for commoditizing the art of making music!

The irony is just too thick when a turntablist, no less, is accusing mashers who use computers for not being musical enough. See Z-Trip piss in public [via beatmixed].

Then comes these guys [via brad sucks] who are whining about volume levels never taking into account that the Chemical Brothers might actually want (godforbid) to have a over-compressed sound.

There is just something about musicians who take from every corner of history to make their sounds, take advantage of every piece of technology they find useful (and even take heat for doing these things) and then turn around and expend all this energy to spew ignorant, insulting, close-minded diatribes. “I just hate when that happens“.

I should probably say something witty and funny here but there isn’t enough nicotine in the world to combat this stuff.

4 thoughts on “Dam Computers!!

  1. Jim

    Heh, Z-Trip might has well have thrown in a “These ‘rap’ hoodlums ain’t makin’ real music!” for good measure.

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