DAW Profile: Scott Andrew

handsome_me_02.jpgScott Andrew has been succesfully creating and selling music on line. He has a remarkably concise DAW setup.

In addition to these items he writes:

I used this setup to record all the songs on my current record. The only thing that’s changed since then is that I now have one of those itty-bitty Behringer Eurorack mixers and picked up an AKG C-2000 condender mic.

The Eurorack seems to be particularly popular since it’s hard to beat the street price of $80.

One of Scott’s “signature” songs is the poppy singalong “The Big Lie that Solves Everything” that I remixed last night using my new setup.

Key to the remix were two pieces of software built into FL Studio: BeatSlicer and Granulizer. No remixer should (or could) live without them or something like them. Basically these are equivalent to REX files in Reason and the Warp function in Ableton Live.

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