Emptying My Tech Bookshelf

I’ve been emptying my shelves of books over at bookmooch in anticipation of a major, downsizing move later this year. I’m just now getting to my tech shelf. Some classics (like Knuth) some out of date stuff (like a 19yo Quicktime reference and OLE 2.0 ;)) but also some neat digital arts and music stuff. This is the RSS feed for my inventory.

[UPDATE] (10 min. later) Knuth is gone…

3 thoughts on “Emptying My Tech Bookshelf

  1. John Pazdan

    thanks for the link to bookmooch..what a great idea…I joined and am putting up a lot of paper…I want that digital video book you have up there.

  2. fourstones Post author

    yea, it’s brilliant. John just added a ‘reserve this book’ feature. I’ll reserve the DV book for you for when you accumulate a few points ;)

  3. John Pazdan

    I be accumalatin’ this afternoon..les’ see..Harry Potter Goes to Town..mint cond..Harry Potter buys a cry baby..very used..Harry Potter for vice president..promised to john McCain..

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