Fixed 500 Errors

If the cap fits…

Sorry about everybody getting “Error 500” screens on this site. It should be fixed now, but I had to do a fair amount of hand spelunking so I might have missed a thing or two. If that’s the case, please let me know. If you tried to leave a comment in the last day or two and got that error then go ahead and try again.

This was my pilot error, but if you use Moveable Type to generate PHP files, read on…

According to the MoveableType documentation for the mt.cfg file settings:


In addition to controlling permissions via umask settings, you can also use the HTMLPerms and UploadPerms settings to control the default permissions for files created by the system (either as output files or uploaded files). The only real use of this is to turn on the executable bit of files created by the system–for example, if MT is generating PHP files that need to have the executable bit turned on, you could set HTMLPerms to 0777.

However, 0777 makes the files writable by everyone in the world and my server configuration (which I don’t control because I’m on a shared server) does NOT like that at all so I set the value to 0755 (writable only by ‘owner’) and did a “Rebuild All.”

Double however: The “Rebuild All” did not catch all of the php files in my archive (especially the popup scripts for the graphics). I had to go in and change the attributes by hand from 666 to 775.