Free DirectX/VST Bridge

I finally find one: For the few hosts out there that are VST-only (like Ableton Live) there is now a free virtual plug-in rack that hosts DirectX plug-ins. When I initially downloaded this plug-in it had troubles in Live but after I contacted the developer at vb-audio he was quick to fix it.

The completely free, unrestricted version hosts 4 plug-ins but you can assign as many racks as you want to any number of Live tracks. You can load and re-order simply by dragging them around and you can persist racks across multiple projects. (Automation is a natural next step and if a wink-wink-nudge-nudge from the development staff is worth anything then it’s coming soon.)

The plug-in goes the other way as well allowing Direct-X only hosts to load VSTs although that is something easier to find n the market place, including ones that handle virtual instruments (VSTi) which ffx4/16 don’t cover.

There’s also a free WinAMP version of the 4-rack.

The mega-16-rack version is available for 100 EU at the link above but the version that works in Live hasn’t been uploaded so you might as well test things out with the freebie version and if you love it, upgrade.

5 thoughts on “Free DirectX/VST Bridge

  1. Eric Kleptone

    You know what I love? I love dusting off an ancient fx plugin to try in Live 7, finding there’s no VST version, googling for a VST/DX Bridge and getting the answer from a four and a half year old post of yours.

    That sort of continuity shouldn’t be possible in today’s speed of life, but I’m grateful for it when it is.

    Much love as always :)


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