From Revolution #9, Lesson #3 and Beyond

XFM Radio recently broadcast Strictly Kev’s “History of Cutup.” This is 40 minute mix/mash of basically every important piece of music in the second half of the 20th century interspersed with Howard Zinn, William Burroughs and even John Lennon describing the grandaddy of cutups: Revolution #9.

I don’t have enough hyperbole to describe how huge a work this is. I’m guessing the actual recording will be a moving target on the web. As of this writing you can get it here. Track listing here.

(..thanks to our neighborhood bloodhound dj snubbz for digging this one out of the yard and dropping it on our doorstep)

4 thoughts on “From Revolution #9, Lesson #3 and Beyond

  1. Aaron

    OK, here we go with the P2P jive:

    The eDonkey link should work by copying the url into the address bar of your browser, if you have an eDonkey client installed.

    Edonkey Network link:

    Download .torrent file:

    And here’s how to access these networks:

    eMule client:

    Probably the best client for the eDonkey network.

    BitTorrent Experimental client:

    An extended BitTorrent client with great features. Install this, download the .torrent file with the link above and then simply double click to .torrent file to begin downloading. You will be asked where you want to save the file (it’s actually a small directory tree).

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