FS/VT Upgrade

So here we are, 2008 – almost halfway through lol.

Well, I’ve upgraded the look of the site (seems like an annual event), I’ve gone with a narrow light version – but I really don’t know how design stuff so it really is “throw stuff at the wall” until something sticks.

I’m sure a lot of old URLs are busted and may continue to be for a while while I get around to fixing things up. If you find something odd though, please don’t assume that I know about it and tell me about it.

For techies I’ve upgraded the whole site to the alpha of ccHost 5 and I’ll be posting the steps involved to the developers mailing list. Basically it tooks me three days with the vast majority of the time going to creating the css for the new skin (which I’ll probably be rolling into the ccHost release as well). I only had to one little set of hacks to the code itself to get the remix browser to fit into the narrow space and also remove needless filter fields (like, er, who the artist is).

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