Got Samples? Want to be Remixed?

For singer/songwriters who host their own music and read this site (I know that you know that I know who you are) think about this: over 80% of all a cappellas are remixed on ccMixter. That means your music will instantly go out to thousands of musicians and flung, through the miracle of the Internet to podcasters who regularly mine ccMixter. The only reason that number isn’t 100% is because we just haven’t gotten to all them yet. But we will.

Now, here’s a questionaire:

  1. Do you host a cappellas and samples good for remixing?
  2. Are they under CC license?
  3. Would you like to be remixed at ccMixter but don’t want to upload all your material there?
  4. Do you (or could you easily) emit a podcast/RSS feed?
  5. Do you have (or could you easily hook up) a search of your sample-able material to your feed?

If the last one trips you up don’t worry, I’ll be happy to help make that happen because
ccMixter is looking a few good beta testers of a new cross-domain service that we’re implementing and evangelizing called “Sample Pools.” If you impelement the brain dead simple API then remixers that use your vocals and samples will be linking back to your site with full attribution from ccMixter.

If you are interested please contact me and we’ll get you going.

I can’t promise everybody that applies will be accepted for this, we have to keep the site usable for the mainstream cases, but here are some test shots of what remixers and visitors will see if everything works out:

5 thoughts on “Got Samples? Want to be Remixed?

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  2. gurdonark

    This sample pool is a great idea. I hope it catches on.

    p.s., I was listening to la vie chill today, which came in the mail yesterday (I like to order those curious blue CD boxes). It’s a great listen.

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