Grey Album “The Cause”

Got the following letter from the downhill battle organizers of this thing:

Hey Grey Tuesday sites,

First of all, thanks for getting involved with this protest. We’ve been totally blown away by the number of sites participating; there’s 150 of us right now and people are taking notice. There’s never been anything like this before and it’s going to spark some real thought about what’s gone wrong in the music industry. Spencer has been working hard to stay on top of all the sites and keep the list accurate, but please double check to make sure that your site and link are correctly listed on the page (it’s very important that all the links are working right on tuesday).

It would be great to be able to tell reporters tomorrow that hundreds of sites are participating, and we’re really close. So we want to encourage you to encourage friends that have websites to participate — the bigger the better.

If you’re making your site grey on tuesday, and we hope most of you will, be sure to check out this javascript that Eric sent in, which will display your site in greyscale in Internet Explorer: You can also change the css / html for other browsers.

Finally, if there’s a college or independent radio station in your city or town, you could call them sometime tomorrow to get them on board. It would be really exciting if people could read about the protest somewhere and the literally tune in and hear it happening.

We’ll be in touch again soon,


Yes, I’m feeling a little like a joiner, yes these folks are giddy, yes this is all a lot of free publicity for what is, quite honestly, only half a record I actually enjoy, yes there are much more worthy causes in the world we should be paying this much attention to — but if I squint real hard and hold one nostril shut it turns out it doesn’t cost me a lot (that is, zero) to host these files and screw with my css headers for a day or so.