Help Beta Test ccHost

Ever wanted to host your own ccMixter?

The source code for ccMixer (project name ccHost) has been released under beta and we’re looking for testers so if you have a web server and you are now or plan to host:

  • a remix community
  • remix contests
  • media blog

or any combination, then come on down.

As of this writing there are about half a dozen test sites worldwide up and running on the beta and we’re always looking for more. (Pleeeeeeze.)

There are lots of new cool features in this version that are not on the ccMixter site yet, but the most important one is that uploads not limited to music files. You can safely upload video, flash and image files all with the same ‘I Sampled This’ tracking between uploads.

In addition the audio files are no longer limited to MP3, this version of code accepts just about every known beast including ogg, wmv, rm, etc.

The project is hosted at SourceForge and there’s a (very lame) Wiki page with all the links to bug reporting, mailing list (essential) and other stuff.

ccHost is part of the broader ccTools project.

Download ccHost here