How Not to Travel with Gear

Having been sufficiently freaked by the prospect of making travelling through airports even harder than it has been I figured I would mitigate the latest security line woes by simply not carrying anything on to airplanes. This would take the pressure off at the security check and make it completely arbitrary when I got on the plane — in other words, I wouldn’t have to stand in line at the gate. I could wait until everyone got on, then mosey on and take my seat. Extra time waiting for checked bags? Whatever.

This was especially important because I had to fly off in a hurry to a funeral then home, then quickly turn around and fly off to the yearly Thanksgiving family dinner.

I wrapped my cell phone in fluffy tube socks and my laptop in cushy sweats and off we go.

The only scary thing on the first trip was that my bag and I got separated during a connection. The woman behind the terminal counter: “you can either wait 3-4 hours to make the connection or you can get on a flight leaving now but without your bags, they will arrive a half hour after you.” I rolled the dice but everything turned out OK.

It was the Thanksgiving trip where things went completely kablooey. This time my bag simply never got on the plane from the start. After a 45 min wait watching the carousel go around and my flight number fall off the display it turns out about a dozen of us had our bags just left behind. The suitcase was delivered to my house the next morning but the cell phone’s screen was cracked and my laptop completely refused to recognize the AC connection. I’d been thinking about an upgrade on the six year old computer but I hadn’t counted on having the decision made for me in such a way.

Who do I blame? Me. 100%. I was trying to “out-clever” the system in a half-assed way by not having proper travelling cases for the electronic gear. The good news is that I have 1GB of ram for pics, movies, mp3’s and that’s just the new phone (how long do we call those things ‘phones’?). I’ll be reporting later on the new PC I got but only after I can get the ‘sucker’ imprint off my forehead that I discovered in the rear view mirror after I left the store.