I Started A Mixversation

One of the coolest feelings I’ve had in a long time is being involved with CC Mixter “mixversations” (coinage tip to Lucas Gonze I think) where remixers have a conversation using remixes.

A few weeks ago I uploaded an original little guitar jam ditty called Funky Dunky. Being a good Mixter citizen I also uploaded the stripped guitar tracks .

A few days laters the remixes starting coming in. And the remixes of the remixes. And the remixes… you get the idea. The latest one just showed up called “Fu Du U Think U Are” by Pat Chilla. If you start at that one and work your way back you can follow the lineage of the conversation. Here’s a snapshot from a midway point:

This has happened several times before as members of the community start getting used to this way of interacting.

It’s defintely working for me.

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