If You Can Read This: You’re not in Bloglines

Having migrated to WordPress and FeedBurner a few days ago blew me out of Blogines caches and now they aren’t even showing older feeds, which means if you can read this post you’re not using Bloglines as a feedreeder or you’re one of the last people on the Web who actually goes to web sites.

It seems like FeedBurner and Bloglines have a history. I really like both services and really hope this thing clears up soon. I’d hate to have to redirect to yet another location for feeds…

[UPDATE: Since this stuff came up I’m told by many folks that Bloglines has been acting flaky for a while. Far be it for me to besmurch a previously invaluable service to me in the past, but if my experiences for the past week are any indication there’s a chance I’ve missed a lot of posts on a lot of feeds…]

[FINAL (?) UPDATE:] All issues seems have been resolved. The correct feed URL is: