I’m Giving Away Vinyl Records

I have 7 bins of vinyl from the late 60’s through the mid-70’s. Each bin has about 150 records (maybe more, more less, I’m just guessing). Rock, folk, fusion, guitar oriented stuff. I’m in the No. Berkeley hills so if you’re in the bay area in the next four days contact me and it’s yours. This is first come first serve. Everything must go.

Sorry but there’s no picking through the bins – if you come, you get a bin. If you don’t like what’s there, take ’em to Rasputin and get trade or money.

4 thoughts on “I’m Giving Away Vinyl Records

  1. fourstones Post author

    “I’m surprised you’re not charging a bit.”

    So is Cindy ;)

    Most of them were given to me or collected in my days in the record biz. I’m just “passing it along” – I’m hoping people who get them from me do something generous for the next person down the line.

  2. John Pazdan

    I got dibs on the “Christopher Cross: His Greatest Hitzz Using 13th Chords” LP, but only if it has the picture of him playing that chord, ’cause as hard as I have tried, I STILL can’t figure out where to put my fangers.

    But I have to get to The Upper Bay? Hmm..sailin..dumm dee dumm (insert 13th chord)

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