Junkies and Other Glowing Fruit

As part of my road trip I just finished my third annual digfest at my favorite collector’s 10k record collection. This time I mined lots of classic R&B like Johnny Taylor and Etta James. The first mix from the dig is up on fourstones called “Orders from Nowhere.” It features a hook by Etta and excerpts from a press conference given by William Burroughs in Berkeley in the 1970’s that I found on the Internet Archive. (Lots of juicy CIA conspiracy stuff going on.) If anybody is interested in getting the 200+ samples I gleaned in this year’s run let me know.

I’ve also recently posted my entry for the late March Remix Fight called “Soft Orange Glow (fourstones remix).” I ran the original satirical song through the Muddy Waters filter to come up with what one listener called “industrial blues.”