Knockout (Vocals) VST

UPDATE (9/19/04) St3pan0va tells me there is a new version of this plugin with bugfixes and other goodies. Pick the latest version at the URL below…

St3pan0va has release a beta VST that helps in isolating vocals. He is very open to iterating on feedback so make sure to give him a shout and let him know how it works for you.

5 thoughts on “Knockout (Vocals) VST

  1. victor

    I’m still playing with it but initial impression is that it works like a noise reducer (not the cancellation method) which means it leaves the vocals with a lot of noisy artifacts when I tried it.

    I would say it’s good to have it in the arsenal, but of course, it’s not magic.

    (btw, if you don’t have the instrumental tracks you need to do Pan/Expand in Sound Forge first.)

    Hope this helps…

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