Maria Schneider “Remix”

Maria Schneider, the first artist to ever win a Grammy with a web-only release (which was paid for directly with fan “participation” of $80,000) is releasing (for $25 a pop) a version of her classical album with the soloists stripped off.

I’ve just released a new offer in the ‘Concert in the Garden’ Studio Recording Project called ‘MSO Featuring YOU!!’ We’ve taken all the tracks from ‘Concert in the Garden,’ plus the composition ‘Evanescence’ and remixed them without the soloists. This means that ‘you’ can take every solo with the orchestra. …You’ll receive downloadable MP3 clips of each track edited to start just a short passage before the solo…

details here

This whole Schneider thing is a little weird to me. For the life of me I can’t figure out what the lessons are from this thing. Jazz orchestral fans have lots of expendable cash lying around? The web can be used to milk your fans old skool style? And I’ve looked: what did you the ‘participants’ actually get for their 80 grand? When she sold out her run of CDs did she give any of the money back? Can she really get away with taking $80k from fans AND selling the CDs for $17 (and then these remixes for $25)?