5 thoughts on “Mining del.icio.us for Plugins

  1. ztutz

    And for evaluating all of those free plugins, the free (for non-commercial use) app by Christian Budde called “Dual Channel FFT” is great!

    Using it, you can load a VST, and then feed test signals to the VST in order to view its response curves.

  2. Devin

    You’re welcome. I started doing that as a memory of interesting things I ran across when away from my workstation. Glad it’s useful. The Darksonus reviews/collection stuff is my favorite recent finds also since he’s reviewiing from a viewpoint I’m familiar with. Unfortunately, I think he’s stepping down from those forums pretty soon.

    The VST that I’m enjoying the most at the moment (not free) is Lucifer at http://www.devine-machine.com/LuciferInfo.htm .

    Delicious is exactly what I’ve wanted for so long on (network bookmarks) and so much more. As an aside, there are other people tagging VST’s and you can see the entire stream at http://del.icio.us/tag/VST .

    Thanks for your work and promotion of ccmixter. It’s similiar to a concept I’ve been hashing over with a friend, but we never got moving to develop it. And lo, there it is!

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