Missing School

This year whispering over warm guitars is definitely in!

Or so an analysis of keywords in reviews at Pitchfork reveals (oops, I mean Pitchfork Media.).

Pitchformula is fascinating…. in a car wreck/guilty pleasure kind of way. The author of the study actually created two song based the ranking of positive keywords and I have to say: I kind of like the music (!).

A couple of observations off the top:

1. Why in gods name did he not make a song based on the negative review words?? What a golden opportunity missed.

2. In a textbook case of irony-overload the first non-subjective negative word in the list (behind stuff like ‘bland’ and ‘dumb’) is ‘thinks.’

3. I miss school. No I mean, I literally missed school, as in: I was working fulltime by 17. Is this what passes for an education? All of sudden I’m jealous.

[Thanks Citizen Keith]