Mixters Signed to TV Deal

Repeat after me: giving your music away is good for your career.

As reported by Neeru on the the Creative Commons weblog, after a few months of giving his music away on CC Mixter, Minus Kelvin was discovered and he and new label-mate (yes, another Mixter) Pat Chilla the Beat Gorrilla have been signed to a production deal that covers the next three season of “America’s Top Model” — which of course means I’m torn between wishing the producers of that show great harm and ongoing success. The deal also covers a whole lot more pre-production and pilot work but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Let’s just say I’ll be hitting these guys up for more than a loosey.

On a much smaller scale I can tell you that I’m taking time off from my CC Mixter duties to work on my next Magnatune album. The reason I bring this up is that I also met my collaborator for this album on Mixter. Weird Polymer rides the LA Metro to work every day from the deep Valley to downtown and composes many nice modern classical pieces on the train. Our album (tentatively called “fourstones plays Weird Polymer”) will be aimed at film/tv production. Or grants. Or commissions. Or Grammies. You know, whatever.