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3 Fingered

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In response to the issue I ranted about recently the folks at Downhill Battle (the folks who gaves us the Grey Tuesday protest) are holding a remix contest whereby the entries must use the infamous “three notes” that NWA sampled from George Clinton which got them sued.

In order to comply with a strict reading of the fair use clause of the U.S. copyright system, entries must be 30 seconds or less and (not sure why) can not use any other sounds in their entry. (The original clip and the NWA sample can be found here.)

The site includes a mini-rantish on why sampling matters that makes three separate points. The first two may be required for some legal context that I don’t claim to understand but the last point — that remixing is an entire form of artistic expression that has been outlawed — is the only one that seems to be necessary to me.

As of this writing my submission hasn’t shown up yet on their site but you can hear all 30 seconds of it by clicking on Vincent.

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