My Guitar Rig

In case you care and haven’t been following closely, in response to the latest request here is my current guitar rig:

  • Custom Shop Strat
  • I use a Digitech 2112 basically as a tube preamp and some of the analog (but rarely digital) effects.
  • Fender Blues Jr. Amp that I don’t crank nearly as loud as I really should because I’m a chicken about drowning out the lovely Hare Krishna temple guys next door. (This is Berkeley.)

The part about the hippie girl quilt was meant to be, you know, JK.

Personally I don’t think I’m getting a good sound, that is, the sound that it’s my head which primarily a cross between Steve Cropper, Leo Nocentelli and Jeff Beck’s quieter moment (few as they are).

One thought on “My Guitar Rig

  1. Marco Raaphorst

    We’ve a big thing in common here:
    Leo Nocentelli

    A HUGE influence on my style as well.

    I have a strat too. A Fender Voodoo Strat, a great one, Hendrix model, but most of the time I play my old customized Ibanez AM50 (sort of small-body ES 335).

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