New Love: Event Precision 6 Monitors

I finally upgraded my monitors from a consumer stereo system to a real pro system: Event’s Percision 6 monitors. They are pretty expensive (here for $1,000) but Guitar Center is running a 2-year zero interest payment plan and I got over $100 off because I took the floor models. $37.50 a month means I grind a lot more of my own coffee.

I listened to 3 other sets of speakers in the store and they were OK… then we turned on the Events. Fuggetaboutit. You could pitch a tent on my reaction.

They definitely overwhelm my domestic recording space but it’s pretty amazing to actually hear everything. (Here are some reviews of the P8′s, basically the same thing but even louder.)

One completely weird thing: I got them plugged into the monitor outputs of my M-Audio OmniStudio and when I shut them off (they are self-powered) Windows thinks I’ve switched audio devices. I’ll repeat that because it’s that weird: When my speakers, which are attached to the back of my sound unit, get turned off, the OS gets confused about the sound unit. I’ve crashed several remixing hosts and media players simply because I wanted to switch to headphones. Luckily the OmniStudio is USB so I just have to remember to physically disconnect that from the PC, wait a few second then reconnect it.