Oh… Five Oh

…and on a personal note…

I normally don’t talk of such things in public but I guess I can’t resist noting the semicentennial anniversary of the parturition of a certain ornery, perpetual outlier whose accomplishments are to be judged with mixed results.

I only bring this up because I want to take this moment to thank all the people at Creative Commons, past and present, especially Neeru Paharia, Mike Linksvayer, Lucas Gonze and Professor Lessig for their ongoing support to the ccMixter project which I am lucky enough to continue as project lead. Their devotion to the project’s integrity over any personality (including myself) has been an inspiration, a model for how I treat it. I hope I live up to their ideals. I’m also grateful and humbled by the musicians who have taken up the cause at ccM and have been so generous with their time and music. I often worried at the beginning of the project that we weren’t going to attract anybody serious but then along came teru, spinmeister and MC Jack in the Box who have stepped up and given so much to the community and in the process, given me more than a break or two.

While 50 may feel like I’m numerically halfway to something, I’m grateful for all my friends, colleagues and fellow travelers through our online trek for making what I’m sure is the short end of the ride such a fun, greased downhill slide.

If now, or ever, you’re feeling in a giving mode consider the Ella Baker Center, Green for All and Creative Commons.

Here’s a wall stencil I recently saw in Stockholm. It made this old hippie smile.

9 thoughts on “Oh… Five Oh

  1. teru

    You know who doesn’t get thanked enough? You.

    Seriously. Thank you for all you do and for being you. Happy Parturition Day to you….. and many more…..

    BTW – What do the Swede’s have against the Police? Sure Synchronicity was over-hyped but it’s still a great album……. what?

  2. Lucas

    happy birthday, you old dude. since your age isn’t far off for me it gives me confidence to know that you made it in such good shape. don’t you know that you’re my hero? you, victor, are the wind beneath my wings.

  3. Mike Linksvayer

    Happy birthday Victor and thanks for everything, including expanding my vocabulary by one word tonight.

    Surely that stencil demands an acappella recording which demands a remix…

  4. jp

    damn Victor..




    in six years you’ll be almost as old as me.


    I think Stink put that stencil up..that reverse net shill thing.

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