OmniStudio USB Drivers Ruined My Day

[UPDATE 1/5/2004 11:42PM PST]… Please see here for the latest.

I’ll have a lot more to say shortly but I have just spent the last three days proving to myself that the XP drivers for my new OmniStudio USB by M-Audio corrupted my system and I had to go to extreme measures to remove the problem.

I highly recommend that anybody considering buying this hardware learn about XP’s Restore points and use them judiciously when installing the drivers.

Repeat: the XP drivers for M-Audio’s OmniStudio USB corrupted my system. Badly.

[UPDATE 1/1/2004 2:22PM PST]

rrrg. I am now down to a crash about every 8 hours — I guess that’s better than every 18 minutes — but it’s still worse than never having crashed a non-development machine in over a year and a half.

This is one of those classic cases where one bad thing uncovered a host of others and the problems were cascading before I could figure out there was more than one issue.

A biggee this episode did uncover was memory and BIOS issues with my machine (I needed to flash the BIOS in order to upgrade memory).

I had to reformat the system drive and reinstall XP. Not so bad really. I have to say, having a name brand PC with lots of online support has been pretty friggin helpful. It was not too long ago that no off-the-shelf PC could serve as even a basic DAW and times like these would send me shuffling off to backwater sites and my brother to Pasadena flea markets stands.

I’ve tried to make judicious use of XP ‘restore points‘ but there is fair amount of voo-doo going on and I’m not convinced they actually work as I think they are working — that is: actually removing all traces of an installed driver or software from the system.

The M-Audio folks are understandably sobering up and off-duty today but I’m not very hopeful they have an answer. What can I tell them? “Using XP restore points I have isolated the last crashing issue in my system to your drivers…”

I can just hear the shrugs on the other end of the line.