Once a Criminal…

Matt over at Beatmixed is pointing to the Wired story about a US Federal court that overruled a lower court’s decision to allow the use of samples “even minor, unrecognizable snippets of music.”

The case was brought by representatives of one of my childhood heroes George Clinton for use by an NWA track of three notes of a Clinton guitar riff that was re-pitched and looped to a 16-bar phrase.

Hero or no, genius or no it’s depressing to see Clinton take these kinds of actions. Over a fucking guitar riff. So it’s perfectly legal to use James Brown’s horn licks as inspiration for 100’s of your records (assuming you’re just using, you know, minor, unrecognizable snippets and then manipulating them to be your own) but you’re a criminal if the next generation of musician’s dare use three notes of your guitar riff. Fuck you.

2 thoughts on “Once a Criminal…

  1. ztutz

    The only solution to this problem is for artists to endorse the sampling and remixing of their new material. Otherwise, we wind up in a world in which more time and energy is spent cloning and tweaking pieces to satisfy judges and lawyers rather than creating cool new stuff. Arrrrrrgh….

    Artists: set your music free!!

  2. Alessi Denise

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