Open Source MIDI Controller Under CC

A new open source USB-MIDI controller called the aurora mixer looks really nice. The creators are trying to figure out how many to make and how much to sell the assembled version of it so if you think you might be interested definitely give them a ping.

If you think you might have it in you to build your own then you’re in luck because according to CDM the whole project is licensed under Creative Commons — although that isn’t mentioned anywhere on the aurora site and, well, there’s no mention anywhere as to which license we are talking about it. The other weird note is CDM’s comment that GPL is more “liberal” than CC and therefore we are seeing more CC licenses come up in the music industry. My guess is that it will take somewhere between 10 years and never for the public to figure out that CC is a hardly a single license but a family of licenses with a very, very wide range of (un)reserved rights.

3 thoughts on “Open Source MIDI Controller Under CC

  1. Peter Kirn

    Sorry, those were meant to be separate thoughts. The GPL is more explicit about the protection of certain rights and — *because* the CC is a family of licenses — narrower in scope. I meant to imply simply that CC seems to be appealing to people in the music community, presumably because they are familiar with the ability of CC to cover things like music much more effectively.

    I’m equally confused as to why the CC license isn’t specified anywhere on their docs (I thought maybe I was missing it, but it’s not on the specs, either) — or which license they’re using. I’ll ask them tomorrow as I expect we’ll get a pricing update then, as well. I got … rushed. Apologies.

  2. PJ Cabrera

    The type of license is currently specified at

    It could perhaps say it more clearly, and I don’t know whether it was added after this blog entry was posted.

    But it now says “unless noted all content and files on this page are licensed under a creative commons license” and it links to CC attribution-share-alike license 3.0.

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