Revolving Again

I’m sitting here listening to Revolution #17 amazed at how good the music is — and I haven’t even gotten to the Lisa DeBenedictis interview. Grant is really hitting them out of the park lately.

John at Magnatune says he signs about two out of every 1,000 artists that sends him material. Mixter seems to be picking up the other 998 lately (lot’s of bullshit “experimental” crap that lines the walls at all the other free music hosting sites) so it’s been especially heartening to hear fantastic CC/open music on Grant’s show.

And Grant’s been made “Program Director” at Free Matrix Radio which I hear him makes him a big fat bucket of money, so everybody go hit him up green.

One thought on “Revolving Again

  1. lisa db

    He played your Brilliant Day remix which had our conversation at the end…

    VS: sounds like someone was *talking* in the background here on this track…

    LDB: yeah, well, someone was probably talking.

    too funny…what a great time.

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