Scott Sez it Best

An idea worth stealing. For all my ranting and fuming leave to Scott Andrew to spell it out in English:

…the majority of songwriters I’ve talked with are still more concerned about “having my song ripped off” or “people stealing my music” than anything else. I keep telling people: stop worrying about piracy and start worrying about obscurity. My biggest fear is not that someone might be stealing my songs, but that no one knows I have songs worthy of their attention, let alone worth stealing.

I’m starting to think it’s too late for anybody born before 2000 (lol). Time to start relearnin the yugins.

8 thoughts on “Scott Sez it Best

  1. levon

    I hear and read this all the time (chat rooms, forums). I have talked to several people that decided not to put their music on soundclick, not EVEN as a stream only (streamrippers you know..), for this grand paranoia (delusional? vanity?) that “people were going to steal it”. I just dont get it.

    I agree with Scott 100%.

    As a side question, on a similar topic, whats your thoughts on people doing covers of your material? I know a guy who vehemently protests against it, citing “unrepresentative of the original, etc..” alluding to the apparent defacement his originals would receve. When someone coverd me, i thought it was the coolest thing ever…

    Im just curious what you guys think…

  2. lisa db

    I love being remixed AND covered. Not only is it such a compliment, but you get even more exposure, as the person is usually cool enough to say what was remixed, or who wrote the original song.

    My other thought is that there exists a musical Darwinism – where if people are this silly, they probably deserve to remain obscure.

  3. Heuristics Inc.

    Actually, what happened to one of my Tapegerm cohorts was that someone downloaded his music, and put their own name on it, pretending they’d written it. My friend was lucky enough to have someone who knew the material well recognize one of the songs.
    Crummy. But this stuff can happen, and not everyone is above the board.
    TVIYH covered my song “Accelerator” and hearing an alternate version was great. The original was a fast bloopy electronic/nasty electric guitar thing and he made it into an slow acoustic number. V cool.

  4. victor

    right and now we’re talking about him and we’re deathly curious what Tapegerm song would be worth stealing.

    Please god someone steal my music and put your name on it. Damn, now THAT’s a compliment.

  5. Timothy Allan

    I also know several people who have been told by some “Big name” DJ’s etc that putting your music out there will lead to your demise. “Once it’s on the internet, you’ll never make any money off of it!”

    I am of the mindset that you should fire your stuff out to as many people as you can (which is why you should click my name to go to my website :) ), for free! The more the merrier. I didn’t get into this for the money, I got into it so I could be cool and popular, and people I didn’t know would know my name. Is that so wrong!?

    BTW, thre ARE things you can do if you do find someone who is taking credit for your song. I’m sure the company who is distributing it would have something to say if one of their artists was knowingly shipping out tracks that weren’t his!

    my 2c


    PS Great blog Vic

  6. Heuristics Inc.

    er, i can’t remember which ones they were.
    if i find it i’ll let you know.
    also, i think this guy wasn’t on a label, it was something like working out as a dj and claiming these tracks were his to the people at the club.

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