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Where I’ve Been (II): CC Host

After many months in the coding trenches the source code to CC Mixter is (finally) now available on line. The code is in alpha state so I don’t recommend it for live sites but it’s definitely stable enough to install it and use it “as is.”

With it you can create:

  • A remix community ala CC Mixter
  • A personal media weblog
  • Contest (fights) site
  • Some crazy combination of these things

The code is almost at feature parity with the live Mixter site with some glaring omissions yet to be coded (e.g. editorial picks, ‘*’ ratings, navigation screen, etc.)

However, this code has leapfrogged the live Mixter in several areas. Here is a short list features in CC Host not currently on Mixter:

  • Any Media Users can upload not just MP3s and ZIPs but just about any media and data format including video, images, Flash and more. (Yes, it now supports ogg. Stop asking. Both of you.)
  • Multiple Format Each record can hold more than one format. In other words, you can upload a lores and hires version of your media to the same record.
  • Contest In a Box Creating a contest (with or without online voting) is now a matter of the admin filling out
    a form with some dates and options and hitting the ‘submit’ button.
  • Easy skinning The code is structured so that all style manipulation can be done via a single CSS
    file. Don’t miss the skins for Brad Sucks, Matt Haughey and Magnatune.
  • Tons of Admin Features Too many to mention, but two worth pointing out: complete macro-based control over
    naming of file uploads as well as ID3 tagging.

Any suggestions, bugs or other comments? Send ’em on to

I have a sample installation of the new code. This is a fluid installation so you want to check it out sooner rather than later before I move it or break it.

The PHP source code can be downloaded as a ZIP file . We’re especially interested in developer feedback and help and I’ll be very available in the next few months for assisting in people looking to learn and contribute to the code.

The CVS project homepage is at Source Forge. The project can be accessed as project name cchost1. You can browse the CVS tree .

This ZIP will NOT be kept up to date, it just happens to be today’s snapshot of a relatively decent cut of the code. The CVS tree may be a little too fluid for most cases so regular “stable” releases will start soon.