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Brad Sucks: Curator

If you ever needed to manufacture an excuse to get on Brad’s good side, here comes Brad’s new podcast called Sellout Central. Genre is a funny thing. While I like good music across any boundary my tolerance for mediocre music in some genres is much lower than others so I need some one like Brad to pick through the mess and just pull out the best. In other words I would never dream of digging up the kind of music Brad has in the first podcast episode but through his curating I’m able to save myself a few 100 whinces to get to the good stuff.

I’ve been making a lot of noise about curating as the next step both privately and publicly possibly with a patron/sponsor angle. I certainly appreciate a CC by a huge artist getting all the attention that NIN is getting but I don’t think open music has a shot at making an impact until some unknown artist actually breaks and curating/podcasting has still not fulfilled all of it’s promises.

Brad’s nerd explanation seems a whole lot simpler than John’s Magnatune version. Maybe someone can apply that MC Jack’s amazing Cool Radio show?

DJ Cary Podcasts

As fabulous as my life is, I’m surprised I’m not invited to more big fancy silicon valley broohahas. When I am, I spruce myself up and get on down there like last night’s CC reception for Prof. Larry Lessig at Stanford. The best part of the evening was going off into a corner and monopolizing DJ Cary‘s ear. She puts together all those chill Magnatune compilations and by far, one of the coolest podcasts out there. I’ve been listening all morning and there isn’t a clinker in the whole catalog. Really good. Really.

Spectrum Analysis Podcast

Episode 5 of Ben Shewmaker’s ongoing investigation of digital music in the new open age Spectrum Analysis Podcast is up.

interview with Andrew Malott, a recent graduate from Ball State University, and currently an intern at Echo Park Studios. We discuss being an intern, and audio engineer, and the music industry in general.

A perfect antitode for a ride on Bart on a gloomy, rainy, cold day.