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Corporate Runs

Between the time Microsoft published 500,000 pages of developer documentation on CD but before there were 30 posts an hour over at blogs.msdn there was a moment in time when the documentation was online but articles were all vetted through editors and posted once or twice a month. In those days editors were constantly looking for top-level Microsoft developers to help them write articles and columns. When they couldn’t get top-level guys they came to me since my name was already on a few magazine articles. The problem was I hated those articles. They were terrible reads filled with useless information about technology no sane person would (or has) used to build software. I told them I would write a column but only if was about the culture of software development.

Half of the columns I submitted used recurring characters and I strung them together to form the series “The Corporate Runs” after I left the company and took the column with me to start this site over 7 years ago. Mine was the only non-technical content on the entire site for many years but I guess now with the advent of the programming staff blogging their brains out and as a result of one reorg-the-site-meeting too many my columns have finally been removed from the MSDN.

All this to say that I am republishing the series part of the columns here at fs, so enjoy “The Corporate Runs.”

FS/VT Upgrade

So here we are, 2008 – almost halfway through lol.

Well, I’ve upgraded the look of the site (seems like an annual event), I’ve gone with a narrow light version – but I really don’t know how design stuff so it really is “throw stuff at the wall” until something sticks.

I’m sure a lot of old URLs are busted and may continue to be for a while while I get around to fixing things up. If you find something odd though, please don’t assume that I know about it and tell me about it.

For techies I’ve upgraded the whole site to the alpha of ccHost 5 and I’ll be posting the steps involved to the developers mailing list. Basically it tooks me three days with the vast majority of the time going to creating the css for the new skin (which I’ll probably be rolling into the ccHost release as well). I only had to one little set of hacks to the code itself to get the remix browser to fit into the narrow space and also remove needless filter fields (like, er, who the artist is).

Comments Re-enabled

I’ve re-enabled comments, including anonymous, here on VT using a groovy post validation plugin called Challenge. The default challenge is a math question (e.g. 6 + 2 * 4) but, er, I’m trying encourage comments, not preparing you for a GED. I replaced it with a simple English question and so far I haven’t gotten a single spam post to the whole site. This is somewhat remarkable considering I used to have 100s of spam comments a week and all kinds of crazy plug-in contraptions that only worked some of the time.

We used to have some cool discussions here, I’m hoping this is all it takes to get that going again.

If You Can Read This: You’re not in Bloglines

Having migrated to WordPress and FeedBurner a few days ago blew me out of Blogines caches and now they aren’t even showing older feeds, which means if you can read this post you’re not using Bloglines as a feedreeder or you’re one of the last people on the Web who actually goes to web sites.

It seems like FeedBurner and Bloglines have a history. I really like both services and really hope this thing clears up soon. I’d hate to have to redirect to yet another location for feeds…

[UPDATE: Since this stuff came up I’m told by many folks that Bloglines has been acting flaky for a while. Far be it for me to besmurch a previously invaluable service to me in the past, but if my experiences for the past week are any indication there’s a chance I’ve missed a lot of posts on a lot of feeds…]

[FINAL (?) UPDATE:] All issues seems have been resolved. The correct feed URL is:

Virtual Turntable Moved

I’ve moved this weblog under the fourstones umbrella. This means a change in server, an export from MoveableType to WordPress, integration with ccHost, a change in URL(s) and a chance to debug a whole new world of bugs.

I’m still in the process of redirecting url and shutting down the old site.

Definitely update your feedreaders to

to keep track of things.

If you find any broken links on the new site or completely stupid looking pages, I’d ask, as a favor to me, to let me know.

(ignore all previous transmissions, the above url is in fact the correct feed.)

(mail hiccup)

I just changed email client to Thunderbird (holy smokes how brilliant is that!) at the same time my server decided to go off line for no reason with no warning so if you sent mail to me in the last 16 hours or so there’s every chance it was gobbled by the great bit bucket. victor — (replace — with ‘@’) should be fine now. While I’m on the subject I’m experimenting with turning off my Knowspam filter because (ironically enough) having them on my inbox for a year seems to have greatly reduced my spam intake and I’m going to try TB’s system for a while.

Fixed 500 Errors

If the cap fits…

Sorry about everybody getting “Error 500” screens on this site. It should be fixed now, but I had to do a fair amount of hand spelunking so I might have missed a thing or two. If that’s the case, please let me know. If you tried to leave a comment in the last day or two and got that error then go ahead and try again.

This was my pilot error, but if you use Moveable Type to generate PHP files, read on…
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