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Welcome to Virtual Turntable where we hope to bring you useful information about music composition software: what’s out there and getting the best use out of it.

I started this site in order to document and share discoveries about a quickly expanding, very confusing and (potentially) very expensive commodity: the music creation software that is fueling the final phase of evolution from analog musical instruments to the digital medium.

The opinions and reviews here are the result of countless hours put into using and creating audio software and sounds. Hopefully these opinions are based on experience and real-world usage of these tools, but in the end, they are just opinions. Your mileage may vary.

The following is a list of the most productive ways to learn about music creation software, in order from most productive to least:

  • Get your hands on a demo or trial version of the software. Try it. Try it a lot. Try it bunch more. (You should let your conscience be your guide with regards to using illegal software. Even as an act of civil disobedience you should give some thought about eventually getting the software engineer some kind of compensation.)
  • Get someone who knows how to use the software to show you how they use it. If they are any good on the software then their actions will become a blur to you. You will have no idea how they do it, but you will get a sense of what kind of work flow the software was designed to accommodate.
  • Last and least is to visit and read this web site. By learning what our experience-based prejudices are, you can compare them with your own data and determine whether it is best to follow our advice or ignore it.

So while this site is no substitute for live nose-to-screen experience with the software in question, Virtual Turntable can hopefully act as a noise filter to reduce your efforts in finding the right solution for you — or at the very least, save you hours of the frustrating install/uninstall/reformat cycle because a DirectX plug-in turned out to be worse for your system than a sledgehammer and a blowtorch.