UK: Remix Commons

Remix Commons is more than just a web site, it’s a network of local free culture projects.

Damn this site looks great. They got tag clouds, remix tracking, all CC licensed and even a familiar zeitgeist.

Started by a group of infectiously proactive remixers in Redding, this project has branched out all over the UK and is part of an even wider grass roots movement (although it’s not clear to me where the funding to run the websites or very cool events is coming from.)

Remix Redding guys came to me about a year ago to try and coordinate with ccMixter but I was just starting ccHost (generic open source project that now powers ccMixter and this site) and they were too eager to wait a few months while that came together. Considering the overall free music movement’s life will hopefully be measured in years and decades a part of me thinks it’s a shame that only a few months difference would put us on different codebases.

But overwhelmingly I’m excited (and jealous of their energy) and since both our projects are developed out in the open I predict the two codebases will be sharing remix sources within the year.