What Does Magnatune Do Anyway?

John from Magnatune recently reworked sampling royalties. A few days before this was announced John bounced the idea off me in roughly this way in a set of two emails:

JB: I’ve been thinking about redoing the way we do sampling royalties. The new way would give more to the artist being sampled.

VS: I think that’s absolutely the right thing, I always thought it was too heavily weighed toward the sampler and not the samplee.

JB: Glad to hear you say that. I’m making it retro-active.


JB: You owe us $84.

All of sudden I’m in debt to my record company!! Doh! Please won’t you help me pay off my debt. lol.

But if anybody ever wondered what it is that Magnatune does for its artists over and above just hoisting your CDs on a website with a PayPal button, there’s yet another push for the groovy on line licensing that professional music consumers (film makers, etc.) can feel very confident about. I mean it’s all businessy and stuff.

Coming soon: “fill you iPod for $150” which will gives people access to the entire Magnatune catalog in high quality VBR MP3s for that one price ($0.35 per album — if you can handle all 30Gb.)