Winer’s Last Mistake

If you’re Dave WIner you should know better than give zero notice when you’re going to disconnect 3000 websites and break 100,000’s of not-so-perma-links-anymore-you-cheap-motherfuckers. Or I guess, more accurately: if you’re Dave Winer it wouldn’t occur to you this is a problem even after you do it and it’s been pointed out to you.

Buf if your’re Dave Winer you should know better than to post an MP3 of your “apology” to the Web. Because it won’t be long before someone remixes it. And it won’t be long after that someone has a
Dave Winer Remix Contest.”

I think the cool, broader point is that everybody and their mother is having a “remix contest” — this term has become ubiquitous and the software (mainly ACID but also Live and others) are enabling a whole new way of thinking about music from the ground up.

Remember when “Photoshop” was a noun? Think of what happened to art, photography and the visual arts in general when real photographers got over the fact that a computer is just a tool, like a brush or camera and starting “Photoshop-ing”. We now see where music is heading after the fad-iness has worn off remixing and the true artistry can shine through. Onwards!

…and that’s the best Winer impression I can do.