“You Don’t Believe in Your Music”

I don’t know if there’s anything new in this fuck the RIAA tome by self proclaimed former copyright apologist Glenn McDonald. but I can’t think of a more cogent dissertation on what it’s like to be a music fan in 2005.

There are so many well stated points I don’t know where to begin:

If I decide it’s mind-expanding genius, I’ll happily pay for it. If I decide it’s stochastic crap my old parameters justifiably excluded, I’ll delete it. If you believed in your music, and in me, you’d take that deal in an instant. My patience costs me dearly, after all, and yours costs you nothing. But you don’t believe in your music. Most of the time you don’t even know what it is. And you certainly don’t know me, or where my curiosity leads or misleads me. So you invest nothing, and you shouldn’t be surprised by your returns.

Quite frankly I don’t care who leads the revolution, the fans, Magnatune, podcasters, Creative Commons, Downhill Battle — but it does drive me nuts that musicians, collectively three times more screwed than fans like Glenn, seems to be trailing the pack.